Florida executed Louis Gaskin, dubbed the “Ninja Killer”

On Wednesday night, 56-year-old Louis Gaskin was executed by lethal injection in the US state. He was sentenced to death for the 1989 murder of a married couple. Because he was dressed accordingly, he became known as the “Ninja Killer.” He had committed another attack on another couple on the same night, but they survived.

In 1990, Gaskin was sentenced to death after he confessed to his crime and accepted responsibility for it. Nevertheless, it should not go unmentioned that he was the child of a drug-addicted teenage mother who did not care for him. The unstable family circumstances in which he was always being passed around resulted in serious mental illness.

The jury could not agree on a sentence and recommended the death penalty by eight votes, with four jurors voting for life imprisonment. Meanwhile, death sentences are not allowed due to non-unanimous jury decisions.

The wife of the second couple who survived did not spare a few days with clear criticism of Florida’s governor – she spoke out against the execution, stating, “Here I am, 33 years later, being asked by the governor’s office if I want to attend the execution (really?). And by reporters what I think of the signing of the death warrant.

Consequently, I had to think about everything that happened since that night, relive it and remember it. By signing the death warrant, he [the governor] did me no favors, but only brought back painful memories and made me a victim again.”

It is believed that Governor Ron DeSantis wants to run as a presidential candidate for the Republicans and that is why he is currently speeding up the executions in Florida.