Offers for schools

In various regions of Germany, we offer members of our association to visit school classes to talk to interested students about the death penalty. For the Rhein-Main area, for example, our member Gabi Uhl is available as an expert for school visits: – for other areas please send your request by e-mail to us: or .

In addition to the treatment of the topic in class by the corresponding teacher and, if necessary, supplemented by a visit from us, schools have the opportunity to dedicate a project week to the topic, for example, or to organize a workshop on a Human Rights Day or to deal with the topic in the form of a play – whether through their own performance by a theater group or by inviting an external production to the school, e.g. the scenic Reading “The Death Penalty in Texas” by Christian Scholze.

A study group would be another option or an appropriate focus for a student amnesty group. In addition, an examination of the death penalty in the field of art is conceivable, whether through participation in a regularly held international art competition or through exhibitions. The topic is also suitable for discussion groups or debating clubs.

Pupils can deal with the topic in the context of homework, seminar or annual work, presentations and special learning achievements. Contact with a death row inmate in a protected setting is possible through the “Connect Death Row” project (see below), which we can recommend.

Basic information about the death penalty can be found beyond this website on the internet portal “Death Penalty Basic Knowledge”!

Tips for research: A lot of information can be found here on the website of the German Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, see for example the pages on the death penalty in the world, the death penalty in the USA or the arguments. A very good overview for beginners can also be found in the page Very up-to-date information is always available at under “Infos”. Especially on the death penalty in the USA there is very good and up-to-date information on the site

If you have a specific project in mind and have questions or need help with the implementation, we will be happy to support you within the scope of our possibilities. Please contact us!