Missouri executes Carman Deck – it was his fourth death sentence

On Tuesday evening, 56-year-old Carman Deck was executed by lethal injection in the U.S. state of Missouri. He had committed a robbery of an elderly couple together with his sister in July 1996.

Although the couple did not resist and willingly handed over valuables, Deck shot his victims. Three times over the years, his death sentence was overturned due to procedural errors and then re-sentenced.

Now both clemency boards and the gourneur, and likewise the U.S. Supreme Court, declined to intervene that would have prevented the execution. A clemency petition in his favor cited abuse – including sexual abuse – he suffered as a child and beatings that left welts.

Deck’s attorney said he was raped in prison at age 19 for theft. That experience transformed him from a nonviolent thief to someone who committed two horrific murders, she said, calling his execution “unjust and immoral.”

In a final written statement, Carman Deck expressed, “My hope is that one day the world will find peace and that we will all learn to be kind and loving to one another. We are all a part of this journey through life, connected in every way. Please give love, show love, BE LOVE!” On the execution couch, he reportedly formed the words “I’m sorry!” with his lips.