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TV documentary from 2004 about German Dieter Riechmann, who was awaiting execution in the USA. After the murder of German tourist Kerstin, her boyfriend Dieter Riechmann is sentenced to death in Miami in 1987. In 1997, Peter F. Müller reopens the case. The meticulous journalist uncovers perjury and manipulation by the US judiciary.

Note: In March 2010, Dieter Riechmann’s death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

A Death in Texas: The execution of Frances Newton

Was she guilty or innocent? Doubt is reasonable; the trial 18 years earlier was a farce. Frances Newton had denied the crime until the very end. But it is not this question that is at the center of the film, but the chronology of the execution itself. A few days earlier, a WDR team visited the death row inmate – Frances Newton, a friendly African-American woman. In her last interview, she talks about the murder she is accused of.

Life and Death Row: Forgiveness

Episode from the BBC series

T.T. Trottie is preparing himself to lose another parent. His father killed his mother 21 years ago and will be executed a week from now.

Impressive half-hour documentary about a young man who lost his mother as a baby because his father killed her. More than twenty years later, the father is executed. The film describes how the young man copes with the loss of his parents.

Note: Both German and English subtitles can be set via the menu of the video!

Cover Innocence Project: Gerechtigkeit für Justitia

Innocence Project: Justice for Justice

This documentary series is made in collaboration with the U.S. Innocence Project and features selected cases of wrongfully convicted people, including some former death row inmates from the United States.

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