Media contributions

Members of the German Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty repeatedly give interviews for print media, online media, radio and television – here is a selection:

Walter Ungerböck 2022 at Stern-Online (

Gabi Uhl 2021 in the YouTube channel “Schuld und Sühne” of funk (ARD + ZDF)

Daniela Steiner 2019 at (ZEIT online)

Gabi Uhl 2018 in the advent calendar of St. Bernhard in Frankfurt/Main

IN MEMORIAM: Karl Rodenberg (1928-2019) 2018 at SpiegelPLUS

Sina Vogt 2017 at Frau tv (WDR)

— Unfortunately, the video is no longer available on the WDR channel on Youtube or in the ARD media library. A request to the station was without success. The contribution can therefore no longer be embedded here or linked elsewhere. —

Gabi Uhl 2017 in the Westdeutsche Zeitungonline version

Vanessa Kietzmann, Eva M. Hölscher, Julia Peters 2016 in pflichtlektüre (student magazine for Dortmund)

Michael Lübbers 2014 in the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper

Gabi Uhl 2014 at Spiegel TV (RTL)