World Day Against the Death Penalty 2022: Pastel Drawing “Hell” by Pedro (Death Row in Nevada)

Death Penalty:
A road paved with TORTURE

On 10.10.2022 the 20th World Day against the Death Penalty is dedicated to the focus on TORTURE,

because confessions are sometimes forced through physical or psychological torture,

Prison conditions on death row are often tantamount to psychological torture,

Members of the perpetrators suffer trauma through executions or even last-minute postponements,

the stress of killing a person by execution sometimes leads to occupational disability,

… Victims’ relatives repeatedly relive the trauma of the act – in some cases, the execution is carried out against their express will …

“Hell” by Pedro Rodriguez, Nevada Death Row

On the subject of “Death Penalty: a road paved with Torture,” Pedro Rodriguez sent us this pastel drawing from Nevada’s death row. He writes about it:

So this is my idea of torture. As I’ve mentioned before, the US has made the prison system a private business. The only reason for private business is to profit. Punishment has became a very profitable business in the US. Prison is a living Hell. The politicians don’t care about if a person  betters themselves before release, because they want repeat offenders to keep coming back. Keeping these beds full is good for business. Slop the handcuffs on them, and watch our pockets get fat.

One of the other things I see on the news is, how may people are beeing killed by the police. Sometimes, I say to myself „People shouldn´t run from the police“. But what I’ve seen recently is insane. The police shot a man over 50 times. One officer even reloaded and kept shooting after the man was already on the ground. The law enforcement in this country are worse than the people they are arresting , and some of these officers are repeat offenders. Complete insanity!


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